Balancing competing demands

The media sector is evolving much more rapidly than any other industry. Technological advances are throwing up new opportunities for growth and revenue streams but are forcing organisations to work differently and in some cases address far more fundamental questions about their core purpose as a business.

We are particularly seeing leaders in the sector facing three key challenges:

  • What is the core purpose of our business? Are we content providers, transmission only or a mix of both?
  • How do we connect and provide a distinct, differentiated offering for our customers?
  • Do we have the right people and behaviours to respond to a market in constant flux?


In response to this Hay Group have helped our clients, such as BBC, ITV and Reed Elsevier to:

  • Define consistent and clear cultures to help their people do the right things
  • Develop business models to respond to changing circumstances.
  • Develop the right leaders to deliver on current and future strategies
  • Build the structures and behaviours that make collaborations work.