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The Oil & Gas sector is experiencing a downturn which promises to be tough for many businesses. The cycle is driven by both an abundant supply and lower demand. There is an indication that the oil price would continue to be at similar levels and hover around the 70 to 80 dollar price over the medium term. This poses many challenges but also opportunities for companies who look to the future.

There are challenges to access finance, drive down costs and continue to justify shareholders' returns. Many companies have also deferred investment decisions, while some recognise the need to streamline and adjust.

However, we know there is an even greater opportunity to ensure that your organisation and your people are optimised and aligned towards this new reality. We feel that any cost cutting or improvement projects should try to both serve the short term issue but also have long term benefits, to maximise on opportunities and return on investment.

Our experience working in the oil and gas sector – with the integrated majors, nationally owned companies as well as the oil services sector gives us a profound understanding of the challenges you’re facing.

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