The hardware, software and IT services sector has seen more change than most. It’s undergone globalisation, consolidation, outsourcing and off-shoring and its still evolving at speed.

Our experience suggests that these changes are forcing leaders in the sector to ask questions about three key areas:

  • How do we make our organisation customer-focused, both in terms of products and services, and in terms of how we work?
  • What is needed to create sustainable success in a fast-changing world?
  • How can we compete against emerging markets, nascent technology and new competitive alliances?


We have helped our clients address these challenges by:

  • Helping managers develop the leadership skills they need in a globalised environment
  • Creating agile structures that can respond rapidly to change
  • Aligning organisations to create a great customer experience
  • Helping organisations work within a competitive and co-operative business ecosystem.

We regularly work with organisations such as IBM, Siemens and Microsoft.

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