The telecommunications sector has changed beyond recognition over the past few years. Convergence, a rush for market share in emerging economies and a drive for differentiation in Western markets are all changing the way that organisations need to operate.

Our experience working with telecoms clients such as Vodafone and BT suggests that these pressures are forcing organisations to ask questions around three key areas:

  • What is the core purpose of the business and how do we make money?
  • How do we connect with current and future customers?
  • How can we make our organisation work and set ourselves up for success?


In response to this we have helped our clients to:

  • Align their converged organisations so that customers have a consistent experience
  • Create an agile structure that can respond rapidly to change
  • Develop the right leaders to deliver on current and future strategies
  • Build the culture and behaviours that make collaborations work.

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