Employee Disengagement Costs UK £340bn Every Year

Workforce Motivation Crisis Cuts British Productivity By Half

Britain’s workforce is suffering from a motivation crisis that is seriously harming productivity, research from management consultancy Hay Group reveals today.

According to Hay Group’s What’s My Motivation? report, just 15% of UK workers consider themselves ‘highly motivated’, with as many as a quarter (24%) admitting to ‘coasting’ and a further tenth (8%) being ‘completely demotivated’.

Well under half (39%) of employees love their job, and even less – a paltry 17% - are doing their ‘dream job’. Less than half (48%) of British employees consider themselves ambitious.

But the most worrying finding for UK PLC is that poor staff motivation is cutting productivity by close to half. Just a fifth (21%) of British workers consider themselves ‘very effective’ in their current job role. Employees believe that they would be as much as 45% more productive if they were doing a job they loved, and 28% more productive with better training. A 45% increase in employee productivity could be worth up to £340bn added output per year to the UK service sector alone, with a 28% increase worth some £212 billion.