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Mission critical career pathing

The issue
With a recent study indicating that it costs around £5,000 per high-potential employee, leadership development is a costly business.

Are organisations getting a return on this investment? It’s a pressing question today, especially when budgets are limited and top talent is in short supply. The key to ROI is to make sure that development builds the capabilities needed to fill your most critical roles.

But many organisations don’t do this. They develop future leaders in a vacuum – without fully understanding the roles they are destined for and which development experiences will provide maximum learning to ensure they develop the capabilities they will need in the future. This can waste development budget and fail to prepare high-potentials adequately.

However, if you know which are your critical roles, and what steps are needed to reach them, you can target development spend for maximum impact.

Why Hay Group?
Our ‘mission critical career path’ approach makes this targeting possible. It builds future leaders who will be ready with the right skills at the right time. Using this approach you can:

  • Clarify which roles in your organisation are 'mission critical'
  • Identify the ‘career accelerators’ that will prepare people for these roles more quickly and effectively
  • Target development resources where they have most impact, maximising ROI
  • Ensure you have the right number of leaders with the right skills at the right time to deliver results for your most important jobs.

Hay Group’s approach
The mission critical career path process involves:

  • Identifying 'destination' roles – the critical roles that are most important to driving your strategy
  • Defining the career experiences and skills that will accelerate a move into these key roles
  • Mapping career paths so high-potentials can move smoothly from ‘feeder’ to destination roles
  • Creating the development programs and tools to support your highest potential employees on their career journey
  • Developing your high-potentials with a specific destination in mind, creating a ready supply of talent for your most important roles.

Contact us to learn more about mission-critical career paths.

To find out more about future leadership trends and what they mean for organisations, visit Hay Group’s Leadership 2030 website.

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