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Why worry about employee engagement?

Research from Hay Group Insight – Hay Group’s employee survey division – shows that employees want to work and want to work hard: it’s what human beings naturally want to do.

That’s the good news. But what makes some people want to work in the same direction as their employer, when others don’t or aren’t helped to do so?

That’s the question a good engagement study seeks to answer. And the answers matter, because a well aligned workforce results in better bottom-line performance. It delivers higher scores on business-critical key performance indicators such as profit, innovation or safety. It also means comparatively better share-price performance.

Highly engaged workers create better business outputs, more loyal customers and better financial performance.

Hay Group Insight’s workforce opinion surveys demonstrate that highly engaged employees can improve business performance by up to 30 per cent and that fully engaged employees are 2.5 times more likely to exceed performance expectations than their ‘disengaged’ colleagues.

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