Hay Group Renewable Reward Survey 2014 sponsored by RenewableUK

Hay Group Renewable Reward Survey 2014

The renewables sector is one of the fastest growing, competitive industries in the economy, but what impact is this having on how your employees are rewarded? Take part in the Hay Group Renewable Reward Survey 2014 and get a real understanding of how your reward package compares to your industry peers.

The 2014 Hay Group Renewable Reward Survey sponsored by RenewableUK and designed in partnership with key industry members, captures the information that organisations need to be able to salary benchmark with confidence. With the results looking beyond salaries to the wider package on offer, you can be confident you are getting the complete picture.

The survey is tailored to be inclusive of the range of needs within RenewableUK’s membership, not just in terms of the types of roles covered but also taking into account the range of company sizes in the sector.

If you are interested in taking part in the 2014 reward survey and would like to hear more information on our subscription costs and survey packages available, register using the link below and a Hay Group Consultant will be in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Hay Group Renewable Reward Survey 2014 Registration

Feedback from survey participants:

Wendy Hutcheon, HR Consultant, Partnership for Renewables:
"A great survey that provides the best benchmark for salaries and benefits in our sector. We are a small renewables business, however the data is very relevant and meaningful catering to our needs as our business grows. What is most impressive is the back-office support that we receive to answer more general questions and to gain feedback on what's happening in the industry.”

Sue Morris, HR Consultant, Wind Prospect Group:
“The information we receive from the Hay Group Renewables Survey is very useful to us in many ways. The data has given us an understanding of our position in the market. It is used on a regular basis as a benchmarking tool to advise managers when recruiting, with internal pay relativities and agreeing annual pay reviews. The comprehensive industry job matrix has helped enormously as our business has grown.”

Fraser Sked, HR Advisor, REpower UK Ltd:
“We have been completing the survey for three years and have found the process very straightforward, with the support from Hay Group being timely and helpful. The data we receive has been very beneficial in helping us gauge salary levels and benefits in the market.”

Gary Robinson, Group HR Director, RES Ltd:
“The clear industry focus and comprehensiveness of the analysis makes this survey an indispensible tool for companies in the Renewables sector who are looking to bring fairness and commercial realism to their reward strategy.”

2013 Survey Participants:

AES Energy
Arcus Renewable Energy Consulting
Atmos Consulting
Centrica Renewable Energy
The Crown Estate
Dong Wind UK
E D F Energy Renewables
E.ON Climate and Renewables
Eneco Wind
Falck Renewables
Gaia Wind
Natural Power Consultants
Partnership for Renewables
Renewable Energy Generation
Renewable Energy Systems
REpower UK
RWE Npower Renewables
S S E Renewables
Scottish Power Renewables
Siemens Wind Energy
Statkraft Energy
Statkraft UK
West Coast Energy
Wind Prospect Group



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