Styles and Climate certification

Styles and Climate certification provides you with the tools to help your managers create a positive climate for their teams and improve business results.

The stages of your programme:

  1. Enrolment - register for the course; allow 3 weeks for the survey setup
  2. Diagnostics - receive an invitation to complete the Inventory of leadership styles (ILS) and the Organisatinal climate survey (OCS)
  3. Self directed learning - complete your surveys and associated e-learning modules before the course
  4. Facilitated learning - attended the 2 day classroom programme
  5. Follow-up - receive a licence and access to additional resources.

The 2 day programme will give you:

  • a practical understanding of theory behind both leadership styles and organisational climate
  • an understanding of how the two work together to improve performance
  • the opportunity to work with both sample and real data
  • workshop with other professionals interested in improving performance and climate within their organisation.

Upon successful completion of the programme:

  • you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your frontline managers
  • demonstrate how their behaviour impacts performance
  • train them to use the six leadership styles that great leaders rely on to create a high-performance climate.

You will receive:

  • a licence to use the Inventory of leadership styles (ILS) and the Organisational climate survey (OCS). This is not transferrable to independent or third party consultancies.
  • access to a member of the team who can support you in collecting data and producing ILS and OCS feedback reports for your colleagues
  • everything you to need to run a 1 day leadership programme for your frontline leaders.

Registration for this event is required
Cost: £2,150.00
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