We've been behind winning teams for over 60 years

Hay Group is the official sponsor of the European Amlin Cup 2011/ 2012

What makes a winning team?

1. Good leadership

2. Excellent morale

3. Everyone in the right jobs

Leaving aside the bone-crunching tackles and the mud, there’s not much difference between business and rugby. Like the best teams, the best companies succeed not just on the strength of inspirational coaches and captains. To win, you also need people to be fired up about what they do. You can’t overcome fearsome opposition with half-hearted players. And your people need to be doing the jobs they were born to do. You don’t put a fly-half in the front row of the scrum.

We can’t guarantee to turn your organization into the business equivalent of the All Blacks overnight. But we know a thing or two about creating winning teams. To learn more about how we do it, take a tour of this site – or just get in touch. Hay Group. 60 years creating winning teams – and helping organizations work.